Female hygiene packaging designed for domestic abuse victim aid.
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According to the United Nations, domestic violence affects people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels. This project aimed to empower the identity of domestic violence victims by providing possible escape methods through the creation of uniquely made female hygiene products.
By conducting interviews with shelters and individuals in charge of assisting domestic violence victims, and cross analyzing with products that were often needed and shared amongst the victims themselves; we aimed to focus on items that were discreet, affordable, uniquely female, part of a daily routine, and essential.
The design solution included products for three stages of self care. Facial wipes for hygiene, menstrual pads for maintenance, and foundation for application of makeup.
My role(s): design research, product design, visual design
Bare + Routine + Hygiene
Incorporating domestic violence statistics + quotes onto sanitation wipes that the user has to interact with daily. Stripping away the day’s filth using a piece of cloth that has triggering words on it. An intimate relationship with someone else’s reality on your own face. Packaged in travel size to share and distribute with others creating a “pass-it-along” + “spread the word” culture.
Representing quotes + statistics from victims.
Representing words for healing. Contrasting with pink wipes to help balance out effect.
Comparing before and after usage of both pink and mint wipes.
User interaction with wipes. Each pack of wipes also comes with an informative wipe.
Shame + Taboo + Maintenance 
Creating new menstrual pad packaging that embodies a product that is meant to be shared. Pads come in packs of four with a case pack including 16 pads. Not meant to be used at home but throughout the day while interacting with other women. Pads can be torn off with color code indicating whether the message on the inside is pink or mint.
Pad being shared with other user.
Statistic revealed when tearing open packaging foreshadowing more personal message that will appear on the pad itself.
Facade + Ritual + Application 
Side 1:
Front displayed information about foundation itself. 

Side 2:
Objective approach containing facts about which concealer base would help cover bruises received in a beating.

Side 3:
Subjective approach including a personal interaction with user about reality of their situation.

Side 4:
Contact information for help ; Ingredients. Words on the foundation can simply be viewed in stores due to no external packaging. Allowing the message to be spread and passed on.
User applying foundation after reading what some victims use it for.
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